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Once upon a time, in San Diego, CA, Don Gillogly planted a seedling he had grown from a store-bought Hass seed.  He just wanted to put up a privacy barrier between his house and the house next door.

A few years passed, and the little tree grew and grew.  One day, Don, busily working near his now mature tree, was actually slapped in the face by an enormous avocado hanging hidden behind the large leaves of his erstwhile seedling.

What a shock!  Not only did this seedling grow, but it produced fruit with an incomparable flavor.  Further investigation proved more and more astounding.   The fruit was beautiful, bright and lustrous green, but was not ripe until it had turned black.  It lasted forever, produced fruit TWICE a year, and was so tasty, nothing needed to be added to make guacamole.  No spices, no mayo, nothing at all.

The fruit, besides its incredible flavor, was hardy beyond compare.  It did not turn dark after slicing.  It was, therefore, rich with antioxidants, which preserve it and people eating it.  Its skin was thick, yet pliable, protecting it from bruising, but no peeling was necessary, as it just dropped out of the skin, like an egg from a shell.

Due to the unique characteristics of this wonderful plant, Don set about the daunting task of patenting it.  After 6 years of hard work, research and development, the 'Don Gillogly' avocado is now patented, and is being offered to the general public, in this first, but limited propagation.


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