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Our free tree drawing is now over. Thank you for your interest.

Congratulations Lisa A. Tiede-Newland of Ohio, winner of our first drawing! 

Our next drawing will be in December 2002, and the winner will be notified via email. 

Congratulations William McFall of Colorado, winner of our second drawing! 

Congratulations Ron Regen of New Jersey, winner of our third drawing!

Congratulations Calvin Gee of California, winner of our fourth drawing!

Congratulations Reed Hollis of Texas, winner of our fifth drawing!

Congratulations Rev. Phillip Lambert of Texas, winner of our sixth drawing!

Congratulations Hildegard Hendrickson of Washington, winner of our seventh drawing!

Congratulations April Kersey of Texas, winner of our eighth drawing!

Congratulations Chuck Figgins of Missouri, winner of our ninth drawing!

Congratulations AJ Hogan of Texas, winner of our tenth drawing!

Congratulations Judy Sale of Florida, winner of our eleventh drawing!

Congratulations John Maute of Virginia, winner of our twelfth drawing!

Congratulations Amanda Harp of California, winner of out thirteenth drawing!

Congratulations Christina Pretzman of Texas, winner of fourteenth drawing!

Congratulations E. Ladd of Ohio, winner of our fifteenth drawing, 2015!









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