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1) Why can't I just plant an avocado seed and have my own tree? Anyone can plant a seed and have their own tree. However, the odds of that seed/tree producing fruit are astronomical.

Furthermore, it may take from 10 to15 years just to ascertain if the tree has produced any fruit and also if that fruit is even edible. Any fruit from such a tree is usually watery and tasteless.

The Gillogly avocado tree really is a 'miracle,' it's an entirely new variety and the fruit is the best we've ever tasted.


2) How long before I'll have fruit from my Gillogly avocado tree? The Gillogly avocado has been grafted to certified rootstock and should produce fruit within 3 years. Grafted trees produce fruit right away because they are physiologically identical to the original mother tree.

3) What do you mean 'houseplant'?  You can't grow an avocado tree as a houseplant, it's too big, isn't it? Of course, avocado trees can be grown as houseplants! Many plants that would normally be considered too big as a houseplant are indeed some of the most popular houseplants.

One such plant that comes to mind is the ficus benjamina. It normally reaches a height of 20-30 feet and yet most plant loving households have at least one of these beautiful plants,usually located near a sunny window. Also, remember the dwarf citrus tree, many people successfully grow citrus indoors.

The Gillogly avocado tree is as beautiful as the ficus benjamina or a citrus tree and will take similar care. Place it near a sunny window, prune and pinch back as needed and this tree will not only look beautiful, but will produce fruit as well!

And the Gillogly avocado tree is patented as a dwarf.  This means it can be grown indoors or outdoors, and if grown outdoors one will not need a ladder to pick the fruit! 


6) Is the Gillogly avocado tree self-pollinating? Avocado trees are self-pollinating, because their flowers are unique, having both female and male organs. As a houseplant, a gentle fan will be sufficient for pollination and of course your avocado tree may be taken outside all during the temperate spring and summer months.

7) In what parts of the country is the Gillogly avocado tree growing? Our customers have trees growing in:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois,Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi

Nevada,New Hampshire,New Jersey, New Mexico,New York,North Carolina, South Carolina,


Pennsylvania,Tennessee,Texas,Utah,Virginia,West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

Any state will do, the only consideration is whether it will be a houseplant or outdoors in temperate climates.




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